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Natural Supplements for ADHD – Safe ADHD Treatment

Natural Supplements for ADHDMillions of people today are dealing with ADHD and symptoms associated with it. If you have this condition and are looking for a natural resource to help you, there are options to explore. In fact, there are 3 options that are getting a lot of attention right now, each one touting to help those that are dealing with this issue, bounce back with relative ease. The following breakdown of the top ADHD supplements can help with potent herbs, and natural treatment.

Those looking for natural supplements for ADHD will find that the following 3 options are worth looking into for their ingredients, how well they work, and what people are saying about them.

3 Natural ADHD Treatment Options To Consider

1. Synaptol

Synaptol is a solution that has been getting a lot of attention due to the ingredient list that they tout. They have collected a variety of herbal elements, and natural supplements that are specifically formulated to help with ADHD symptoms and more. Things from difficulty concentrating, fidgeting, and comprehension are all aided with the ingredient list that they’ve put together. They have taken options that are usually given individually, and have blended them together in a proprietary manner.


The ingredients listed in this option include:

  • Aconitum ferox HPUS
  • Adrenalinum HPUS
  • Aesculus hippocastanum
  • flos HPUS
  • Apis mellifica HPUS
  • Argentum nitricum HPUS
  • Avena sativa HPUS
  • Baptisia tinctoria HPUS
  • Cochlearia armoracia HPUS
  • Phosphorus HPUS
  • Scleranthus annuus
  • flos HPUS
  • Scutellaria lateriflora HPUS
  • Sumbul HPUS
  • Viola odorata HPUS

How The Formula Works

The formula works within a short span of time, giving the body a boost in neurological support. Each ingredient listed helps in a different way. Each option helps with cognitive resources, memory, and more. The company has gone as far as to isolate each ingredient for the purpose of relieving anxiety, aversion to mental work, concentration, obsession, and thinking process.

What People Say

The reviews are interesting in that many have tested it for academic reasons. Combined with moderate to minor lifestyle changes, it provides mental relief of anxiety, concentration issues, and memory lapses. It helps young people as well as adults concentrate, with no side effects.

2. Nitrovit

Nitrovit is an interesting solution in that it helps with more than just cognitive memory, and ADHD. It helps with anxiety, energy, and brain fatigue. It does so with a proprietary blend of ingredients, some of which you may see in energy drinks. The company has studied the effects of caffeine, coffee, energy drinks, and more to figure out why some work and others do not. That’s where their proprietary blend comes into play. They have elements that provide energy, some that help with mood enhancement, and other elements that are meant to help with brain fog, memory, and more.


The ingredients listed in this option include:

  • NOOPEPT (25mg)
  • VITAMIN B6 (Pyridoxine)
  • VITAMIN B12 (Methylcobalimin)
  • CAFFEINE (50mg)

How The Formula Works

Taken on a regular basis, this formula is meant to help the brain in very specific ways. It first delivers a boost of energy through a natural caffeine element, but without the energy crashes. It’s tied with vitamin B6, B12, and carnitine. Alongside that, there are natural herbal elements not usually found in ADHD meds for kids. Amidst the top ADHD treatment options, this helps because it has a mild mood enhancer that reduces anxiety outright.

What People Say

The reviews of this solution are mostly positive. People that have tried it note that the energy boost helps with memory and fatigue late in the day. The vitamins also help with improved vision, memory, and cognitive reasoning for academia. It also helps with concentration, without any side effects.

3. Project NooYou

As far as natural medicine for ADHD is concerned, Project NooYou has a clinically tested option that has been helping those dealing with anxiety, and more complete tasks. The secret to their formula is a proprietary blend of nootropic herbs that help in singular formulas. As you read the ingredients, you may recognize some of them as standalone solutions, but when combined in this format, help with memory, concentration, and more. You may see these in energy drinks, and herbal options, but make no mistake, amongst the leading natural remedies for ADHD, this formula is meant to help the brain’s mental capacity outright.


The ingredients listed in this option include:

  • Huperzine A
  • Alpha GPC
  • Taurine
  • Ashwagandha
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Nootropic Proprietary Blend

How The Formula Works

The formula delivers a burst of energy to the nervous system through natural herbs. Then it delivers nootropic elements to the brain, and helps with antioxidants with the power of taurine. When taken daily, the proprietary blend goes to work with helping ease anxiety, and help cognitive reasoning, concentration and more.

What People Say

The reviews that people have left for this product are mostly positive. They highlight the natural energy boost, and ease of concentration, memory, and focus. There are no side effects reported, and the fact that one only has to take 1 pill per support is also positively received.

The Bottom Line on Natural Supplements For ADHD

As you look into the bigger picture of medication for ADHD, you’ll find that the above are the top natural solutions. Each one works slightly different than the others. However, they all have a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, herbal elements, and nootropic pieces. Each one is meant to help with mood enhancement, reduction of anxiety, and boosts energy through natural means. They work with the body’s natural glands to help focus, stay alert, and retain information during stressful situations.

Whether you’re in school or you want to stay alert driving, or in any capacity, these can help calmly boost mood and attention for those that are dealing with the symptoms of ADHD today. Those looking for alternative medications to help with ADHD without any side effects will find that these can definitely help in a variety of ways. They start working fast, with positive reviews, and no major side effects to speak of.

Natural Stress Relief Pills & Supplements – The Anti Stress Medication

Stress Relief PillsThere are millions of people right now dealing with stress on all sorts of levels. It can come on like a wave, and it can come across as depression, and more. Issues related to home, business, work, and many other elements can come into life and cause serious problems.

The good news is that there are natural stress remedies that you can test out. When you start to look online for natural stress relief supplements, you’re going to run into a lot of options. As such, one of the premier relievers is that of Stressivin.

Breaking this down and reviewing several factors will showcase whether or not this is a positive solution for your needs.

Why Should You Take Natural Supplements, Not Drugs?

Anti Stress MedicationNatural supplements are fascinating in that they don’t have a lot of side effects. When you trust herbal stress relief, you are going to be focusing on something that is coming from herbs, plants, and nature.

Pharmaceuticals that are supposed to calm the nerves and treat certain ailments are fine, but they are going to come with a list of side effects that will cause a great deal of issue.

For some, these don’t even help or they exacerbate the issue. It’s because of this that a natural path is best for millions. If nothing else, test things like Stressivin to ensure that you are trying out holistic elements first.

Are There Any Positive Reviews from Taking Stressivin?

Any product worth their salt has reviews and testimonials on display. Even if they aren’t positive, they put themselves out there to ensure the general public is safe, and sound. Whether it’s stress relief pills or it’s prescription medications, there are a lot of people talking about how to reduce their issues and deal with life on a different plateau of sorts.

David reduces his stress

customer recommendation to reduce stress

With that in mind, you will be interested to know that the reviews are in, and many are positive. People have found true relief, and something that has eluded many in the past. It’s a matter of focusing on the right path towards 100% relief from the weight that can be on one’s shoulder.

What Is The Benefit Cycle Homeopathic Stress Relief?

The benefit cycle homeopathic stress relief is simple to define. You’re going to find that the main goal is to eliminate the issue of stress. As you start to break down the reviews and the testimonials, you’ll find that people have truly found something that is helping them manage their daily routine.

Many people are dealing with work and life balances, and now are able to move forward with focus, and determination. If you have been dealing with a variety of issues, this very well could assist you.

The elements work together to reach the root cause of stress and eliminate that. As far as anti-stress medication, this is truly something worth looking into deeper.

What’s Inside This Supplement?

Focusing on medicine for stress, ingredients matter a great deal. The thing that you will see with this option is 100% purity of ingredients. They are holistic, natural, and are listed clearly for you to read.

From belladonna to clematis erecta and apis mellifica, you are going to see that the label doesn’t try to hide behind rhetoric.

There is clarity of ingredients, a holistic and proprietary blend that is meant to alleviate the issue of stress in your life, and not just sugar water.

Some companies are marketing sugary, caffeinated options, and that’s not what you get here. This is a mix of herbs for stress, and no fillers.

Is The Supplement Really Safe and Natural?

One of the most important aspects of supplements for stress, even those that you may find in your local pharmacy is the safety of the ingredients. This is something that you cannot skip out on. There are some people that overlook these things, and that’s dangerous.

If you do not know what the ingredients are or the safety of their mixed use, you could become very ill. In the case of Stressivin, however, you do not have to worry. The ingredients are natural, holistic, and are not filler. There’s no filler, no dangerous elements, or anything that could cause serious issue with the body’s homeostasis.

Can I Count on This Product?

As you look into stress relief medication, you should look into the quality of brands. Trustworthy brands will not just take your money and run. Instead, they are going to allow you to have all the information you need to make an educated decision.

They will list their ingredients, and give you a guarantee as to whether or not their products work. When it comes to Stressivin, you will find that the company is pushing to help people.

Their goal is to alleviate the issues that are related to everyday life for some, including headaches, lethargy, and more. The goal is to help the root issues, not just mask them.

Is The Price Affordable?

When it comes to the financial end of stress relief vitamins, there are a lot of products that are quite expensive. This is not one of them. The cost analysis starts at under $30 per bottle. However, you can save money if you purchase more than one at a time.

There are offers that can get you upwards of 4 bottles, plus additional stress relief pills to assist you with a full knockout punch of holistic healing. You can spend upwards of $85 and get several bottles, and completely eliminate the issues you’re dealing with a natural approach. The costs associated with other routes are quite higher than this, that’s for sure.

The Bottom Line

Stress Relief SupplementsAt the end of the day, you can read a lot of marketing speech about vitamins for stress, but the real burden of proof is on whether or not it works for you. Because of this, Stressivin has a 60 day money back guaranteed tied to their products. They want to help people, and doing so means offering a money back solution.

You will be able to test this for yourself, and if it doesn’t work for you, there is a way to receive a refund. That alone should be worth looking into. This holistic solution is well worth your time, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of pressure.

Synaptol Reviews – Can This Natural Supplement Cure ADHD?

ADHD Natural Supplement            ADD Cure

There are a lot of natural supplements like Synaptol for the assistance of hyperactivity today. Not to mention the market has the pharmaceutical options either. There’s plenty of treatments that seem to work temporarily, but if you look at the side effects and issues that many people face, you’ll see that it’s a cycle of options that aren’t necessarily all going to fix the root issue.

That’s why many are going for natural options, and supplemental elements that are a bit different. For instance, Synaptol is an option that is being touted as a cure for ADHD and hyperactivity.

Click here to learn more about natural ADHD supplements including Synaptol


Why Should You Take Natural Supplements to Cure ADHD?

The reason why many people are looking at supplements for ADD, and alternatives to the pharmacology that seems to get a lot of notes, is because it comes with less side effects.

There are many options that you can test out and see whether or not they work, but as you start to break down traditional means, you’ll see that they mask the issue instead of seeking the root cause and healing that element naturally. Holistic medicines try to attach themselves to the root issues and focus on building the right elements moving forward. They seek to alleviate things naturally of course.

The thing is, natural remedies for ADHD, work, and that’s the thing to remember overall.

Are There Any Proven Reviews or Testimonials?

No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s natural stimulants for ADHD or home remedies for adult ADD, you need to be fully aware of what people are saying about the solution.

In the case of this supplement, the reviews are generally good. The real life testimonials point towards the fact that the ingredients are as they say, and the benefits far outweigh alternative solutions. You’ll find that the honest reviews will have personal touches, and will not be “canned” responses to the world of pharmacology in any way.

We did some research each year from the real users and heard happy results from them. These are the reasons why we recommend Synaptol to our patients to overcome their ADHD symptoms. Here are the reviews:



synaptol customer reviews-1


Other Real Customer Reviews from Real Users (Click to enlarge)

If you are searching for holistic elements and you don’t see any reviews or people talking about the product, then you may want to be wary about it. Only high quality options have real, honest reviews.

Searching for more reviews? Click here to view them from the official website.

Can The Brand Be Trustworthy?

As you start to investigate natural ADHD supplement options, you’ll find Synaptol as being one of the premier solutions. It’s an option that helps with an assortment of issues in children and young adults. This speaks to branding, as the manufacturers are trustworthy, and working towards helping people deal with issues naturally.

The trust of brands in the natural marketplace is key to ensuring that you are getting the best possible ingredients, quality, and safety. Furthermore, you will find that there is a guarantee usually attached to the more noteworthy of offerings, which is a sign of good faith.

The product itself is being recommended by many health experts:

synaptol doctor recommendation

If you investigate homeopathic remedies for ADD and you do not see any sort of guarantee, then be wary of purchasing options from that company.

Does Synaptol Also Work for Adults?

Yes, it is. Read the testimonial below from a 52 year old woman with ADD.

Synaptol for adults

How Does Synaptol Compare to Drugs?

One of the highlights of Synaptol, and many natural ADD supplements is the quality of the ingredients listed. You are going to find that holistic paths are going to isolate only herbal elements rather than pharmacology that has a high risk for side effects and issues related to derailing the body’s homeostasis.

Some of the ingredients include, Aconitum ferox HPUS, Adrenalinum HPUS, Aesculus hippocastanum, flos HPUS, Apis mellifica HPUS, Argentum nitricum HPUS, Avena sativa HPUS, which have all been linked to assisting with a natural course of action for hyperactivity.

It helps with concentration, focus, and disciplinary elements that reverse many issues. The quality of ingredients matter great.

Is Synaptol Safe to Use?

In regards to quality, you should seek out trusted options and quality, but safety is also a concern. This is especially true when you’re looking into a herbal supplements for ADHD.

There are some side effects to traditional paths for medicines that treat mental illness, as well as issues with concentration. That’s not the case for herbal options. The ingredients are not only safe, they can be used by children.

synaptol is it safe

In the rare case that there is an allergic reaction, one can consult a physician, and seek medical attention. However, there are no known interactions or issues in regards to taking herbal remedies as far as holistic pharmacology is concerned. In short, there are no reported Synaptol side effects.

What Are The Benefits of Taking This Route?

The benefits of looking into non medication treatment for ADHD are definitely sound. You will find that this solution can help with concentration, ADD, ADHD and other issues related to hyperactivity.

What reviews also indicate is the ease of use that comes with this option, as well as the fact that it works well, and swiftly.

The ultimate benefit is simple, reversal of the ailment. However, it takes time to get to a point of 100% homeostasis, which means that you’ll need to take this as directed over time. These herbs for ADHD aren’t a miracle cure, they work over time, and the body adjusts to the elements that are coming through to assist.

The Cost Break Down

As far as finding an ADHD cure, you’re going to end up spending quite a bit if you go through traditional means. In the case of holistic treatments, however, you will find that you can get a bottle of Synaptol for under $30.

synaptol price discount 2   synaptol price discount 1

You can save money by purchasing more bottles, and even getting an extra boost through the supplement of Focus Excel. This option is only attached to certain higher tiered sales.

However, the vitamins for ADD can assist with the overall element of focus. If you go for the higher tiered solution, you could get several bottles and vitamins as well for under $85. That’s a good deal as it would last you quite a bit of relief.

The Bottom Line

To be fair, this is a product that supports ADHD relief, and therefore you have to test the waters. There is a 60 day money back guarantee, and that’s a positive thing.

synaptol money back guarantee

If you are going to test any sort of holistic option, make sure that you have this in mind. It’s a healthy way to go about alleviating the issues associated with attention disorders in adults and children.


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OCD Medication Shortcuts – The Easy Way

Many people are searching for an OCD medication that seems to be more prevalent. 

zoloft OCDZoloft seems to be quite popular among the medical world. This drug is also called sertraline and it is an anti-depressant that is used to treat PMDD – Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, PTSD, anxiety and panic disorders as well as OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

It works by altering the brain chemicals that cause these issues. The thing is, FDA has issued a warning about Zoloft where it will potentially give serious birth defects to a child during pregnancy.

Is there any alternative sort of treatment for OCD?

Compulsin - OCD ReviewsActually, there is. There is something called Compulsin that is a homeopathic medicine that is available over the counter with no prescription.

It is approved by the FDA and safe to use in conjunction with other OTC (over the counter) or prescription medicines.

Compulsin works to relieve symptoms of OCD including worry, apprehension, restlessness and even compulsive or obsessive thoughts in a way that is safe. The relief that it provides is one that is non-stimulant and has none of the negative side effects that have been associated with various OTC OCD medications and it is safe for both children and adults.

What about another type of prescription medication for OCD?

OCD ProzacAnother type of medication that is often prescribed for OCD is Prozac or fluoxetine.

Prozac works by changing the brain chemicals that lead to obsessive compulsive symptoms, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. It has many uses, including treating PMDD, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa and major depressive disorder.

What is pure O OCD?

This is obsessional OCD and is a less common form of OCD. This form is different from the classically seen type of OCD in that the symptoms tend to be more predominately obsessive in nature as opposed to compulsive. Even though patients present ritualistic behavior, these rituals are perceived as mental rather than compulsions that are behavioral.

Is there another prescription medicine for OCD?

paxilActually there are many. Paxil is another popular one and it also works on the unbalanced chemicals in the brain. It is used as a treatment for PMDD, PTSD, anxiety disorders and OCD.

When the brain’s chemicals get unbalanced, the results are these mental disorders. The prescription medications that treat them are not cures but work only to ease the symptoms by altering the chemicals in your brain.

Why would you look at treatments for OCD that are OTC?

Prescribed medications for mental issues tend to only treat the symptoms of the disorders. They are extremely expensive and tend to be very habit forming. They can stop working after a while and when they do, you will need to be taken off of them in a supervised situation because of the effects of withdrawal.

OTC treatments like Compulsin have ingredients that are homeopathic…natural. They are delivered in a mineral water base that is both ionized and purified. This is a safe way to temporarily relieve symptoms of OCD.

Can I find out how to cure OCD?

While there is really no real cure for OCD as of yet, you can improve your performance at home, school or work by taking Compulsin on a daily basis. The ingredients will naturally and safely relieve symptoms related to OCD.

Iodium is the ingredient that will relive obsessive behavior and/or thoughts while the compulsive thoughts and/or behavior is relieved by Physostigma. Arsenicum iod is for fearfulness and anxiety while uncertainty is handled by the Mancinella. Worry and confusion are both taken care of by Arsenicum alb and Silicea takes care of the nervousness. Calc carb is for the apprehension and Coffea cruda handles both the anguish and the restlessness.

What is an alternate treatment of OCD?

the linden methodThe Linden method has been seen to have results in this area. This is a program as opposed to a medication. There are 9 steps to it and it can be a very long and difficult process. Many people who to try see excellent results while others can’t make it through the long and arduous process.

Panic Away System

Panic Away is yet another type of program. This one is purely developed in digital format and is geared primarily towards… you guessed it, panic attacks. That said, it also has applications with OCD and some people have seen remarkable results.

What is the best treatment for OCD?

In all honesty, the best and safest way to treat mental disorders is with a product that has all natural ingredients. Compulsin is made from these natural ingredients as described above and each of them is officially recognized in HPUS… the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. This compendium is fully recognized by the FDA for homeopathic medicine.

Because the medicine is liquid, it is easier for those who have issues with swallowing pills. It is also a formula that is safe to use with whatever medications you might already be on.

Due to the fact that this is a natural remedy, there are no side effects that are seen quite commonly with other OCD medications.

The Linden Method – Will It Help Cure My Anxiety?

linden methodWhat do we like about the Linden method?

It is great to see a program that offers a treatment for the root cause as opposed to the symptoms. Prescription medications treat only the symptoms and tend to be highly addictive, so this is a great alternative.

What do we not like about the Linden method?

When you contact the counselors for the support that is included, there is a form that only accepts 300 characters. Most problems need a quite a bit more to explain. Also, once you send the form you get an automated email telling you to make sure you are following the program correctly.

After that you do get an email from a person, but it is a cut and paste, form type of email that basically tells you to implement the 9 pillars.

The Linden Method – Our Review

The Linden method, for those who have never heard of it, is a program that is both supported and endorsed by psychologists as a way to treat the cause of anxiety as opposed to only treat the symptoms.

TLMThis method is easy to use and can be incorporated into your daily schedule with ease. The manual for the program includes a money back guarantee good for a year as well as a year of free and unlimited support through counseling with qualified psychologists and counselors, a DVD and the Linden method CDs.

Many times, people read reviews of products to see what actual users of the product have to say. The actual users will be more honest about the shortcomings of the products they review than the websites that try to sell the products will. 

That said, it is important to remember when you are reading reviews of programs like this that not everyone who tries it will commit 100%, and therefore they may write about results that were not so great.

In the same vein, not everyone will have the same reaction and responses to the same stimuli.

What Could You Expect from The Linden Method?

You will find that many people – including noted psychologists, counselors and even holistic practitioners – have tried this program and had results that were better than any they ever had with prescribed medications.

You will also find that there is a series of steps that you must adhere strictly in order to achieve the best results possible. This will not be an easy thing to do at all and might seem to be impossible at first, but with time, patience and perseverance it can and is done every day.

The Linden method is a complete self-help program. It is for treating and yes, eliminating phobias, panic disorder, anxiety attacks and panic attacks from your life.

Imagine that… a world in which you will be free of these conditions that plague you.

The program will give you an understanding of what each of these things are as well as giving you a step by step way to both eliminate these conditions and get you off of your current prescribed meds for these issues.

Additionally, the program includes something that no other program has…an entire year of support that is unlimited with professional counselors and psychologists by phone and email!  This means that you are not alone and you will have the security that comes from that knowledge.

If you are experiencing any sort of trouble, just call or email and the experts will assist you in getting back on track.

–          Author’s note

You may want to call as opposed to emailing for support so that you can get the help you need faster and more personal.

Now, on top of all of that, the program does come with an unconditional 365 day – one year – money back guarantee! There is no other program or medication on the market that offers that!

With a guarantee of this amount of time, that means that you will have ample opportunity to take advantage of the program and see how it can benefit you.

Who is Charles Linden?

Charles LindenCharles Linden is a TV presenter, author and anxiety disorder specialist. He formulated a method for the reduction of anxiety based on continuing trials and research conducted with people who suffer from social phobia, agoraphobia, PTSD, OCD, panic disorder and other types of anxiety disorders. He suffered from an anxiety disorder himself in the forms of phobias, obsessions, panic attacks, de-realization, de-personalization and agoraphobia.

He was innovative enough to thoroughly research the field and developed the method from his findings.

What are your final thoughts on the Charles Linden method?

The method was formulated by Charles actually curing himself of his anxiety. It worked so well for him that he decided to share it with the world. As with anything dealing with emotions and healing, it might be difficult, but thousands of people have been very successful with this program.

In the end, don’t you owe it to yourself to check it out?

Vitamins for Anxiety – 5 Vitamins to Cure Your Anxiety

Can vitamins cure anxiety? Are there any vitamins for anxiety?

Yes, there are actually quite a few! And here are the top 5 lists of the vitamins…

B1 – One of the Most Common Anxiety Vitamins

vitamins for anxietyThe most commonly used one is vitamin B1 or thiamine. You can get this vitamin from foods such as spinach, tuna, sunflower seeds, black beans, yellow corn, dried beans, whole grains, pork, fish, cereals, pastas, fortified breads, soybeans, peas, tomatoes and asparagus.

When there is a deficiency of this particular vitamin, the result can be irritability, sensations of pins and needles and restless nerves.

With adequate levels of this vitamin, you will get support for proper heart function, coordinated activity of muscles and nerves as well as energy.

B3 – Vitamin to Ward Off Anxiety and Weakness

vitamin b3 for anxietyYou may be familiar with niacin, which is also known as vitamin B3. Some of the foods that you can get this nutrient from are salmon, venison, halibut, asparagus, tuna, mushrooms and chicken.

When the human body has adequate levels of niacin, it is believed that it can help with the prevention of Alzheimer’s as well as assisting in warding off anxiety, depression and weakness.

Lab animals that were studied with this vitamin showed that it works in the same way that benzodiazepines (like Valium) work.

B6 – Vitamin for Anxiety, Panic, and Depression

vitamin for anxietyVitamin B6 – aka pyridoxine – is the next one up to bat. Foods where you will find this vitamin are spinach, wheat germ, whole grains, organ meats like liver, tuna, bell peppers, turnip greens and bananas.

When people do not have enough B6 in their system, they can feel panic, anxiety, depression, fatigue and sadness. Having enough B6 assists in supporting the nervous system and also provides energy.

B8 & B9 – The Brain Food Vitamins to Help with Anxiety, OCD, and Panic Attacks

anxiety vitaminYes, it is another B vitamin. This time it is Inosistel – B8. You can get this one from canned mandarin oranges, limes, lima beans, green beans, grapefruit, cantaloupe and blackberries.

Having adequate levels of B8 helps in calming the general symptoms of OCD, panic attacks and anxiety.

anxiety vitaminsWe must not forget B9 either. This one is better known as folic acid. Folic acid can be found in fruit, leafy vegetables, fortified cereals, dried beans and peas as well as whole grain breads.

This vitamin is what is known as a brain food. It helps in the prevention of anxiety and fatigue. Not having enough folic acid in your system can lead to insomnia, anorexia, irritability, forgetfulness and depression.

Long story short… stay up on your B vitamins and you will be able to curb your anxiety.

Natural Vitamins for Anxiety – One of the Alternatives

There is another natural vitamin where you can take all the benefits of the vitamins mentioned before. You can find them in a product called Anxietin. Anxietin is a homeopathic medication that starts to safely relieve stress, panic and anxiety symptoms such as worry, body tension, sensitivity, mood swings, irrational fear and nervousness.

natural vitamins for anxiety

This vitamin formula provides relief that is safe and stimulant free without giving you any of the harmful side effects that are generally associated with pharmaceutical medications for anxiety… both over the counter ones and prescription meds. It is completely safe for both children and adults.

Because Anxietin is homeopathic, it is safe to be used in conjunction with other over the counter and prescription meds.

For those of you who are unsure what it means for something to be homeopathic, it means that the ingredients in it are all natural. The ingredients in Anxietin are delivered to your system by way of a mineral water base that is both ionized and purified. It gives you temporary yet safe relief from the anxiety symptoms.

The blend of active ingredients works in conjunction with the natural functions of your body to create relief from your anxiety that is natural. Imagine a better quality of life that can be obtained without a prescription!

The unique approach in Anxietin uses a process that is multi-directional to safely relieve stress, panic and anxiety while supporting a healthy and drug free lifestyle.

anxiety relief

Some of the ingredients and what they treat are:

  • Arg nit – anxiety
  • Stramonium – panic
  • Alfalfa – nervousness
  • Arsenicum alb – irrational fear
  • Calc phos – mood swings
  • Chamomilla – sensitivity
  • Avena – body tension
  • Kali phos – worry
  • Humulus – nervous tremors

That is a small sample of the active ingredients and their properties. This product also includes Acai which we have been hearing so much about lately. Unlike much of what you may have been hearing though, this one is Not one of the Acai berry scams that you can find all over the place.

When you are finally ready making the choice to try and get natural relief from your anxiety related symptoms, you really can’t go wrong with Anxietin. It is packed with nutrients and all of the vitamins that will get the job done without having to take multiple products.


Do the research and then give it a try. You deserve it.

Social Anxiety Treatment – How to Cure Social Anxiety

I remembered one day, one of my clients was asking me if there is a social anxiety treatment that doesn’t involve drugs. And the truth is, there are a few.

linden methodOne of the most popular is known as the Linden method. This was created by a man named Charles Linden as he researched ways to treat his own disorders.

Many people have had success with his program, but many others find that it is too arduous and have even reported a worsening of symptoms.

That said, with his program, you get all of the necessary materials with the addition of phone and email support from qualified counselors and psychologists for an entire year.

Is there another option for drug free social phobia treatment?

Panic Away SystemYou may have heard of Panic Away program. This is another program that does not involve drugs and is based on you working to treat your own symptoms.

All of the materials that you need for this program come in digital format with step by step instructions. Now, the name of the program should let you know that this is geared more towards panic disorders, but since you could experience panic attacks related to your social anxiety disorder, it is a viable option.

Like the Linden method, this is a long and arduous road to travel.

How to Cure Social Anxiety by Using Medicines or Supplements

While the chances are that you will never be totally free from the chains of the disorder, with therapy and medications, you can at least treat the symptoms. Many millions of people have found that with the right combination of drugs and therapy, they can lead normal lives.

That said, never make the mistake of thinking that you are okay and stop taking your medicines without the consent of your physician. The drugs used to treat these disorders are highly addictive and abrupt cessation of them can lead to serious withdrawals.

If you’d prefer to go on with anxiety medicines or supplements, then we will help to answer some of the questions that people in your positions often ask in order to help you decide it a bit easier.

What is the Best Medication for Social Anxiety?

social anxiety treatmentWhile finding out which medication will work best for you might take a while, you may find that your doctor prescribes Effexor XR. This medication comes in tablet form and is an extended release type as indicated by the XR at the end of the name.

It is commonly used to treat patients who suffer from panic disorder, social or generalized anxiety disorder and depression.

The way it works is that it restores balance to your brain’s chemicals, thereby treating the symptoms of the issue(s) at hand.

Is there another option for the best medicine for social anxiety?

pexeva social anxietyIn the world of pharmaceuticals there is always another option, isn’t there?

In this case, Pexeva may be a viable one for you. This is another one of the brain chemical altering meds.

Pexeva is used to treat things like generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, OCD and depression.

Yes, but what is the best social anxiety medication?

Luvox CRWhat works best for you may not work best for anyone else. The best is truly a personal thing. That said, one that is frequently prescribed is Luvox CR. This is also an extended release tablet that restores the serotonin balance in an effort to reduce anxiety overall and OCD.

I’d prefer to use the safest one. Is there a natural cure for social anxiety?

anxietin for anxietyOne thing that has seen exceptional results in the natural medicines is Anxietin. This homeopathic medication works to relieve stress, panic and anxiety symptoms including things like worry, tension in the body, sensitivity, irrational fear and nervousness.

Anxietin does all of this in a non-stimulant and safe way that has none of the negative side effects seen with other social anxiety medications. This is a homeopathic medications that is sold over the counter and can be used in conjunction with other medications that you may be on.

The ingredients are all natural and include Arg nit, Stramonium, Ignatia, Alfalfa, Arsenicum alb, Calc Phos, Chamomilla, Avena, Kali Phos and Humulus.

Will this cure social anxiety?

fda approvedAnxietin is a homeopathic medicine sold over the counter. It uses ingredients that are all natural and recognized by the HPUS – Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. This is a compendium for medications of the homeopathic type that is officially recognized by the FDA.

The active ingredients get into your system by way of an ionized and purified mineral water base that is non-irritating as well as being non-alcohol. This supports that natural balance in the body. Because it is in liquid form, you get faster safe relief and it is easier to take for those who have issues getting pills down.

Anxietin provides a safe type of formula to relieve your symptoms that can be used at the same time as your other medications with no interactions. It will also have none of the negative side effects that prescription anxiety and social anxiety medications have.


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