OCD Medication Shortcuts – The Easy Way

Many people are searching for an OCD medication that seems to be more prevalent. 

zoloft OCDZoloft seems to be quite popular among the medical world. This drug is also called sertraline and it is an anti-depressant that is used to treat PMDD – Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, PTSD, anxiety and panic disorders as well as OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

It works by altering the brain chemicals that cause these issues. The thing is, FDA has issued a warning about Zoloft where it will potentially give serious birth defects to a child during pregnancy.

Is there any alternative sort of treatment for OCD?

Compulsin - OCD ReviewsActually, there is. There is something called Compulsin that is a homeopathic medicine that is available over the counter with no prescription.

It is approved by the FDA and safe to use in conjunction with other OTC (over the counter) or prescription medicines.

Compulsin works to relieve symptoms of OCD including worry, apprehension, restlessness and even compulsive or obsessive thoughts in a way that is safe. The relief that it provides is one that is non-stimulant and has none of the negative side effects that have been associated with various OTC OCD medications and it is safe for both children and adults.

What about another type of prescription medication for OCD?

OCD ProzacAnother type of medication that is often prescribed for OCD is Prozac or fluoxetine.

Prozac works by changing the brain chemicals that lead to obsessive compulsive symptoms, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. It has many uses, including treating PMDD, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa and major depressive disorder.

What is pure O OCD?

This is obsessional OCD and is a less common form of OCD. This form is different from the classically seen type of OCD in that the symptoms tend to be more predominately obsessive in nature as opposed to compulsive. Even though patients present ritualistic behavior, these rituals are perceived as mental rather than compulsions that are behavioral.

Is there another prescription medicine for OCD?

paxilActually there are many. Paxil is another popular one and it also works on the unbalanced chemicals in the brain. It is used as a treatment for PMDD, PTSD, anxiety disorders and OCD.

When the brain’s chemicals get unbalanced, the results are these mental disorders. The prescription medications that treat them are not cures but work only to ease the symptoms by altering the chemicals in your brain.

Why would you look at treatments for OCD that are OTC?

Prescribed medications for mental issues tend to only treat the symptoms of the disorders. They are extremely expensive and tend to be very habit forming. They can stop working after a while and when they do, you will need to be taken off of them in a supervised situation because of the effects of withdrawal.

OTC treatments like Compulsin have ingredients that are homeopathic…natural. They are delivered in a mineral water base that is both ionized and purified. This is a safe way to temporarily relieve symptoms of OCD.

Can I find out how to cure OCD?

While there is really no real cure for OCD as of yet, you can improve your performance at home, school or work by taking Compulsin on a daily basis. The ingredients will naturally and safely relieve symptoms related to OCD.

Iodium is the ingredient that will relive obsessive behavior and/or thoughts while the compulsive thoughts and/or behavior is relieved by Physostigma. Arsenicum iod is for fearfulness and anxiety while uncertainty is handled by the Mancinella. Worry and confusion are both taken care of by Arsenicum alb and Silicea takes care of the nervousness. Calc carb is for the apprehension and Coffea cruda handles both the anguish and the restlessness.

What is an alternate treatment of OCD?

the linden methodThe Linden method has been seen to have results in this area. This is a program as opposed to a medication. There are 9 steps to it and it can be a very long and difficult process. Many people who to try see excellent results while others can’t make it through the long and arduous process.

Panic Away System

Panic Away is yet another type of program. This one is purely developed in digital format and is geared primarily towards… you guessed it, panic attacks. That said, it also has applications with OCD and some people have seen remarkable results.

What is the best treatment for OCD?

In all honesty, the best and safest way to treat mental disorders is with a product that has all natural ingredients. Compulsin is made from these natural ingredients as described above and each of them is officially recognized in HPUS… the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. This compendium is fully recognized by the FDA for homeopathic medicine.

Because the medicine is liquid, it is easier for those who have issues with swallowing pills. It is also a formula that is safe to use with whatever medications you might already be on.

Due to the fact that this is a natural remedy, there are no side effects that are seen quite commonly with other OCD medications.