Social Anxiety Treatment – How to Cure Social Anxiety

I remembered one day, one of my clients was asking me if there is a social anxiety treatment that doesn’t involve drugs. And the truth is, there are a few.

linden methodOne of the most popular is known as the Linden method. This was created by a man named Charles Linden as he researched ways to treat his own disorders.

Many people have had success with his program, but many others find that it is too arduous and have even reported a worsening of symptoms.

That said, with his program, you get all of the necessary materials with the addition of phone and email support from qualified counselors and psychologists for an entire year.

Is there another option for drug free social phobia treatment?

Panic Away SystemYou may have heard of Panic Away program. This is another program that does not involve drugs and is based on you working to treat your own symptoms.

All of the materials that you need for this program come in digital format with step by step instructions. Now, the name of the program should let you know that this is geared more towards panic disorders, but since you could experience panic attacks related to your social anxiety disorder, it is a viable option.

Like the Linden method, this is a long and arduous road to travel.

How to Cure Social Anxiety by Using Medicines or Supplements

While the chances are that you will never be totally free from the chains of the disorder, with therapy and medications, you can at least treat the symptoms. Many millions of people have found that with the right combination of drugs and therapy, they can lead normal lives.

That said, never make the mistake of thinking that you are okay and stop taking your medicines without the consent of your physician. The drugs used to treat these disorders are highly addictive and abrupt cessation of them can lead to serious withdrawals.

If you’d prefer to go on with anxiety medicines or supplements, then we will help to answer some of the questions that people in your positions often ask in order to help you decide it a bit easier.

What is the Best Medication for Social Anxiety?

social anxiety treatmentWhile finding out which medication will work best for you might take a while, you may find that your doctor prescribes Effexor XR. This medication comes in tablet form and is an extended release type as indicated by the XR at the end of the name.

It is commonly used to treat patients who suffer from panic disorder, social or generalized anxiety disorder and depression.

The way it works is that it restores balance to your brain’s chemicals, thereby treating the symptoms of the issue(s) at hand.

Is there another option for the best medicine for social anxiety?

pexeva social anxietyIn the world of pharmaceuticals there is always another option, isn’t there?

In this case, Pexeva may be a viable one for you. This is another one of the brain chemical altering meds.

Pexeva is used to treat things like generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, OCD and depression.

Yes, but what is the best social anxiety medication?

Luvox CRWhat works best for you may not work best for anyone else. The best is truly a personal thing. That said, one that is frequently prescribed is Luvox CR. This is also an extended release tablet that restores the serotonin balance in an effort to reduce anxiety overall and OCD.

I’d prefer to use the safest one. Is there a natural cure for social anxiety?

anxietin for anxietyOne thing that has seen exceptional results in the natural medicines is Anxietin. This homeopathic medication works to relieve stress, panic and anxiety symptoms including things like worry, tension in the body, sensitivity, irrational fear and nervousness.

Anxietin does all of this in a non-stimulant and safe way that has none of the negative side effects seen with other social anxiety medications. This is a homeopathic medications that is sold over the counter and can be used in conjunction with other medications that you may be on.

The ingredients are all natural and include Arg nit, Stramonium, Ignatia, Alfalfa, Arsenicum alb, Calc Phos, Chamomilla, Avena, Kali Phos and Humulus.

Will this cure social anxiety?

fda approvedAnxietin is a homeopathic medicine sold over the counter. It uses ingredients that are all natural and recognized by the HPUS – Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. This is a compendium for medications of the homeopathic type that is officially recognized by the FDA.

The active ingredients get into your system by way of an ionized and purified mineral water base that is non-irritating as well as being non-alcohol. This supports that natural balance in the body. Because it is in liquid form, you get faster safe relief and it is easier to take for those who have issues getting pills down.

Anxietin provides a safe type of formula to relieve your symptoms that can be used at the same time as your other medications with no interactions. It will also have none of the negative side effects that prescription anxiety and social anxiety medications have.