Vitamins for Anxiety – 5 Vitamins to Cure Your Anxiety

Can vitamins cure anxiety? Are there any vitamins for anxiety?

Yes, there are actually quite a few! And here are the top 5 lists of the vitamins…

B1 – One of the Most Common Anxiety Vitamins

vitamins for anxietyThe most commonly used one is vitamin B1 or thiamine. You can get this vitamin from foods such as spinach, tuna, sunflower seeds, black beans, yellow corn, dried beans, whole grains, pork, fish, cereals, pastas, fortified breads, soybeans, peas, tomatoes and asparagus.

When there is a deficiency of this particular vitamin, the result can be irritability, sensations of pins and needles and restless nerves.

With adequate levels of this vitamin, you will get support for proper heart function, coordinated activity of muscles and nerves as well as energy.

B3 – Vitamin to Ward Off Anxiety and Weakness

vitamin b3 for anxietyYou may be familiar with niacin, which is also known as vitamin B3. Some of the foods that you can get this nutrient from are salmon, venison, halibut, asparagus, tuna, mushrooms and chicken.

When the human body has adequate levels of niacin, it is believed that it can help with the prevention of Alzheimer’s as well as assisting in warding off anxiety, depression and weakness.

Lab animals that were studied with this vitamin showed that it works in the same way that benzodiazepines (like Valium) work.

B6 – Vitamin for Anxiety, Panic, and Depression

vitamin for anxietyVitamin B6 – aka pyridoxine – is the next one up to bat. Foods where you will find this vitamin are spinach, wheat germ, whole grains, organ meats like liver, tuna, bell peppers, turnip greens and bananas.

When people do not have enough B6 in their system, they can feel panic, anxiety, depression, fatigue and sadness. Having enough B6 assists in supporting the nervous system and also provides energy.

B8 & B9 – The Brain Food Vitamins to Help with Anxiety, OCD, and Panic Attacks

anxiety vitaminYes, it is another B vitamin. This time it is Inosistel – B8. You can get this one from canned mandarin oranges, limes, lima beans, green beans, grapefruit, cantaloupe and blackberries.

Having adequate levels of B8 helps in calming the general symptoms of OCD, panic attacks and anxiety.

anxiety vitaminsWe must not forget B9 either. This one is better known as folic acid. Folic acid can be found in fruit, leafy vegetables, fortified cereals, dried beans and peas as well as whole grain breads.

This vitamin is what is known as a brain food. It helps in the prevention of anxiety and fatigue. Not having enough folic acid in your system can lead to insomnia, anorexia, irritability, forgetfulness and depression.

Long story short… stay up on your B vitamins and you will be able to curb your anxiety.

Natural Vitamins for Anxiety – One of the Alternatives

There is another natural vitamin where you can take all the benefits of the vitamins mentioned before. You can find them in a product called Anxietin. Anxietin is a homeopathic medication that starts to safely relieve stress, panic and anxiety symptoms such as worry, body tension, sensitivity, mood swings, irrational fear and nervousness.

natural vitamins for anxiety

This vitamin formula provides relief that is safe and stimulant free without giving you any of the harmful side effects that are generally associated with pharmaceutical medications for anxiety… both over the counter ones and prescription meds. It is completely safe for both children and adults.

Because Anxietin is homeopathic, it is safe to be used in conjunction with other over the counter and prescription meds.

For those of you who are unsure what it means for something to be homeopathic, it means that the ingredients in it are all natural. The ingredients in Anxietin are delivered to your system by way of a mineral water base that is both ionized and purified. It gives you temporary yet safe relief from the anxiety symptoms.

The blend of active ingredients works in conjunction with the natural functions of your body to create relief from your anxiety that is natural. Imagine a better quality of life that can be obtained without a prescription!

The unique approach in Anxietin uses a process that is multi-directional to safely relieve stress, panic and anxiety while supporting a healthy and drug free lifestyle.

anxiety relief

Some of the ingredients and what they treat are:

  • Arg nit – anxiety
  • Stramonium – panic
  • Alfalfa – nervousness
  • Arsenicum alb – irrational fear
  • Calc phos – mood swings
  • Chamomilla – sensitivity
  • Avena – body tension
  • Kali phos – worry
  • Humulus – nervous tremors

That is a small sample of the active ingredients and their properties. This product also includes Acai which we have been hearing so much about lately. Unlike much of what you may have been hearing though, this one is Not one of the Acai berry scams that you can find all over the place.

When you are finally ready making the choice to try and get natural relief from your anxiety related symptoms, you really can’t go wrong with Anxietin. It is packed with nutrients and all of the vitamins that will get the job done without having to take multiple products.


Do the research and then give it a try. You deserve it.